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Different Handbag Types: A Comprehensive List with Images

Different Handbag Types

As aficionados of fashion and practicality, we have witnessed the remarkable evolution of handbags over the years. Handbags are more than just accessories; they are companions that carry our essentials and express our personal style. In this article, we will delve deep into the different types of handbags, exploring a comprehensive list with names that reflect the diversity and creativity of bag design. Whether you’re a collector, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone looking for the perfect bag to suit your needs, this guide will help you navigate through the myriad of choices available.

Introduction to Different Types of Handbags

Handbags have come a long way from mere utilitarian items to fashion statements. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each with its unique name and purpose. From the elegant clutches to the practical totes, the variety is endless. In this introduction, we will set the stage for an extensive journey through the types of handbags, providing you with the knowledge to identify and appreciate the distinct characteristics and functions of each piece.

Handbags are not just a woman’s accessory; they are a necessity in the modern world where carrying personal items safely and stylishly is paramount. Be it for work, travel, or a night out, there’s a handbag for every occasion. As we explore the different types of handbags, we invite you to consider how each one might fit into your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Now, let’s embark on this fashionable journey, ready to discover the vast array of handbags that designers have crafted over the years, each with its story and each with its name.

Accordion Handbag

Different Handbag Types-40

The Accordion handbag, as the name suggests, consists of multiple compartments that expand and contract similar to the musical instrument. This type of handbag is perfect for those of us who love to stay organized, as it offers plenty of space for our belongings, sorted into separate sections.

These handbags usually come with several zipper or snap closures and expand to accommodate more items as needed. The versatility of the Accordion handbag makes it an excellent choice for work or travel, where accessibility and organization are crucial.

The distinct design of the Accordion handbag is not only functional but also adds an aesthetic appeal. The sectioned appearance gives it a modern look, making it a favorite among those who appreciate a combination of style and practicality.


Different Handbag Types-39

The Backpack handbag is a fusion of traditional backpack functionality with the elegance of a handbag. These are perfect for us when we need our hands free while still carrying our essentials in style. Backpack handbags come in a range of sizes and materials, catering to different tastes and needs.

Not limited to casual outings, modern backpack handbags are designed to be sophisticated enough for professional settings. Leather and minimalist designs offer a chic alternative to the conventional office bag.

The comfort provided by the backpack’s dual straps distributed across the shoulders makes it an ideal choice for day-long use without causing strain. The backpack handbag is a testament to how practicality and fashion can coexist harmoniously.

Baguette Bag

Different Handbag Types-38

The Baguette bag, popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is a compact and long handbag resembling the French loaf of the same name. Its small size makes it perfect for carrying just the essentials like our phone, wallet, and a few cosmetics.

This type of handbag is typically carried under the arm, snugly fitting and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. The Baguette bag has made a significant comeback recently, with both vintage and modern reinterpretations gracing the fashion scene.

The Baguette bag can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile piece in our collection. From classic leather to embellished designs, there’s a Baguette bag to suit every one of our style preferences.

Barrel Bag

Different Handbag Types-37

The Barrel bag is cylindrical, resembling the shape of a traditional barrel. This type of handbag offers a unique silhouette that stands out from the more common shapes seen in handbag designs.

These bags often come with a long strap for over-the-shoulder wear, as well as shorter handles for carrying by hand. The spacious interior of a Barrel bag makes it an excellent option for gym goers or as an overnight bag.

Despite its larger size, the Barrel bag can be a stylish accessory. Designers have crafted these bags in various materials and prints, allowing us to make a fashion statement while carrying a practical and roomy handbag.

Basket Bag

Different Handbag Types-36

Basket bags evoke a sense of rustic charm and are often associated with warm weather and outdoor activities. These handbags are typically made from natural materials like wicker, straw, or bamboo, presenting an eco-friendly option for our accessory collection.

A Basket bag can be the perfect accompaniment to a summer outfit, adding a bohemian touch to our look. They range from small, delicate carry-ons to larger, sturdier designs that can hold all our picnic essentials.

Though they may seem casual, designers have elevated the Basket bag with luxurious details and finishes, allowing us to enjoy the laid-back style with an upscale twist.

Belt Bags/Fanny Pack

Different Handbag Types-35

Belt bags, also known as bum bags or fanny packs, have made a significant resurgence in the fashion world. They provide a hands-free experience by wrapping around the waist, offering us the convenience of easy access to our essentials.

Today’s belt bags come in a variety of styles, from sporty to chic, and can be worn around the waist, across the chest, or over the shoulder. This versatility has made belt bags a favorite among travelers, festival-goers, and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Whether we’re seeking a minimalist leather design or an eye-catching patterned piece, there’s a belt bag to fit our personal style and functional needs.

Bermuda Bag

Different Handbag Types-34

The Bermuda bag is a unique type of handbag characterized by its wooden handles and removable cloth covers. This design allows us to change the look of our bag by simply switching the cover, making it a versatile choice for coordinating with different outfits.

These bags are typically oval-shaped and on the smaller side, ideal for carrying just a few items. The Bermuda bag’s interchangeable covers can range from solid colors to vibrant patterns, allowing us to express our mood or complement our outfit effortlessly.

Due to their distinct look and customizable nature, Bermuda bags have a playful and preppy vibe that can add a touch of personality to our ensemble.

Boston Bag

Different Handbag Types-33

The Boston bag is a classic handbag shape, featuring a boxy structure with rounded edges, often likened to a small duffel. Its sturdy form and roomy interior make it an excellent choice for us when we need to carry more than just the essentials.

Boston bags often come with two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap, offering versatility in how we choose to carry them. Designed for both functionality and style, these bags are commonly crafted from high-quality leather, exuding a sense of luxury and durability.

Whether we’re heading to the office or embarking on a weekend getaway, the Boston bag meets our needs with its blend of sophistication and practicality.

Bowling Bag

Different Handbag Types-32

Inspired by the bags used to carry bowling balls, the Bowling bag has a dome-like shape with a sturdy base and generous interior space. This style became a fashionable accessory beyond the alleys, thanks to its chic and sporty design.

Bowling bags are typically crafted from durable materials and include a zippered top closure to keep our items secure. The robust construction ensures that our belongings are protected, making it a reliable option for daily use.

The combination of style and substance makes the Bowling bag a popular choice among those of us who appreciate a retro-inspired look with the functionality to match.

Box Clutch

Different Handbag Types-31

The Box clutch is an elegant evening accessory that is compact and structured, often resembling a small, hard-sided box. This type of handbag is designed to hold our bare necessities, such as a phone, cards, and lipstick, making it a staple for formal events.

Box clutches come in a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, and embellished fabrics, providing us with options to suit any gala or wedding attire. The clasp closure of these clutches adds an extra element of security for our valuables.

Though small in size, the Box clutch makes a significant impact as a statement piece, elevating our evening wear with its polished and sophisticated appearance.

Bucket Bag

Different Handbag Types-30

The Bucket bag boasts a spacious and open interior with a drawstring closure, creating a casual yet chic silhouette. This type of handbag has become a favorite for its ease of use and ability to carry a substantial amount of items without compromising style.

Often featuring a single handle or a shoulder strap, Bucket bags allow us to carry them in various ways, adapting to our comfort and preference. The slouchy shape offers a laid-back aesthetic, while still being a practical choice for everyday wear.

Designers have played with textures, colors, and materials to give the Bucket bag a modern update, ensuring that it remains a timeless and versatile addition to our handbag collection.

Canteen Bag

Different Handbag Types-29

Inspired by the shape of traditional water canteens, the Canteen bag is round and often crafted with a crossbody strap. This type of handbag is not only eye-catching but also practical for carrying essentials in a compact and organized manner.

Canteen bags are perfect for us during outings where we want to maintain a free-spirited and adventurous vibe without being weighed down by a cumbersome bag. They can be found in a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, and even transparent plastics.

The playful and unique design of the Canteen bag makes it a fun and fashionable choice, offering a refreshing departure from the more conventional handbag shapes.

Carpet Bag

Different Handbag Types-28

The Carpet bag is historically known for being made out of carpet-like material, particularly oriental rugs. These handbags exude a vintage charm and are often associated with travel and adventure, reminiscent of the 19th-century travel bags.

Today’s Carpet bags maintain the traditional aesthetic with robust fabrics but are updated with modern features for functionality. They tend to have a large capacity and are equipped with sturdy handles, making them ideal for us when we require a durable and spacious bag.

The rich patterns and textures of Carpet bags lend themselves to a bohemian and eclectic look, allowing us to showcase our individuality and appreciation for historical fashion.

Coin Purses

Different Handbag Types-27

Coin purses are the smallest type of handbag, designed primarily for holding coins and small trinkets. These petite bags are a must-have for us to keep our smaller items organized within larger bags or when we only need to carry minimal cash or cards.

Despite their size, coin purses come in a wide array of designs, from simple zippered pouches to elaborate, beaded creations. They can also double as a keychain or a compact alternative to a wallet, making them a versatile and functional accessory.

For those of us who prefer to travel light or need an additional compartment within our handbag, the coin purse is an essential and stylish solution.

Crossbody Bag

Different Handbag Types-26

The Crossbody bag is a favorite among those of us who value hands-free convenience and security while on the go. It is characterized by a long strap that allows the bag to be worn across the body, distributing the weight evenly and providing easy access to our belongings.

Crossbody bags come in various sizes and styles, from sleek leather designs to casual canvas options. They often feature multiple pockets and compartments, helping us keep our items organized and secure.

Whether we’re navigating a busy city or enjoying a leisurely day out, the Crossbody bag offers both functionality and fashion, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Clutch Bag

Different Handbag Types-25

The Clutch is a small, flat handbag without handles or straps, designed to be carried in hand. Clutches are the quintessential evening bag, ideal for formal events where we need to carry just a few items in an elegant manner.

These handbags come in countless designs, from minimalist leather pouches to ornate pieces covered in sequins or embroidery. Some clutches also feature a detachable strap or chain, offering us the option to wear them over the shoulder.

For those of us who prefer a more streamlined and sophisticated look, the Clutch is a perfect accessory that complements any cocktail dress or suit.

Doctor Bag

Different Handbag Types-24

The Doctor bag, also known as a Gladstone bag, is inspired by the vintage bags used by physicians to carry medical equipment. It features a wide, flat bottom, a structured body, and a hinged mouth that opens wide for easy access to the contents.

These bags are typically made of sturdy leather and often have a vintage feel, though modern interpretations include various materials and contemporary twists. The Doctor bag is a great option for us who need to carry larger items and prefer a bag with a strong, defined shape.

With its spacious interior and classic design, the Doctor bag is both practical and stylish, serving as a statement piece for our professional or daily wear.

Drawstring Bag

Different Handbag Types-23

The Drawstring bag is a casual type of handbag that closes by pulling a string or strings threaded around the top opening. This design allows for easy access and a flexible capacity, making it ideal for us during low-key outings or when we need a simple carryall.

These bags often have a soft and unstructured shape, contributing to a relaxed and effortless look. Drawstring bags are available in a multitude of fabrics, including lightweight canvas, luxurious leather, and even waterproof materials.

For those of us who enjoy a laid-back style but still require functionality, the Drawstring bag is a perfect blend of simplicity and utility.

Duffel Bag

Different Handbag Types-22

The Duffel bag is a larger handbag designed for travel or sporting activities. It is characterized by its cylindrical shape and spacious interior, suitable for us when we need to carry clothing, shoes, and other bulky items.

Duffel bags often come with both short handles and a longer strap for over-the-shoulder or crossbody wear, providing versatility and ease of transport. They are commonly made from durable fabrics like canvas or nylon, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of travel.

For those of us who lead active lifestyles or frequently travel, the Duffel bag is an indispensable accessory that combines ample storage space with rugged durability.

Envelope Clutch

Different Handbag Types-21

The Envelope clutch is a sleek and flat handbag that resembles an envelope, with a pointed flap that tucks into the front. This type of clutch is perfect for us when we need a sophisticated accessory that holds our essentials without added bulk.

Envelope clutches often come in a variety of materials, from classic leathers to contemporary metallics, and can feature magnetic or snap closures for added security. They are a popular choice for evening events, but can also add a polished touch to a daytime outfit.

For those of us who appreciate clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, the Envelope clutch is a stylish and practical option for any formal or semi-formal occasion.

Flap Bag

Different Handbag Types-20

The Flap bag is a handbag characterized by a fold-over flap closure, typically secured with a snap, buckle, or other fastening. This design element provides both security and style, making the Flap bag a popular choice for everyday wear.

Flap bags can range from small and dainty to large and roomy, with varying strap lengths to suit our carrying preference. Many designer bags, including the iconic Chanel Flap Bag, fall within this category, offering us timeless elegance and functionality.

For those of us who value a classic look with the practicality of a secure closure, the Flap bag is an excellent addition to our handbag collection.

Frame HandBag

Different Handbag Types-19

The Frame bag is a structured handbag with a solid frame closure, often giving it a vintage or retro feel. This type of bag opens wide for easy access and typically snaps or clasps shut, providing a secure way to carry our items.

Frame bags often have a top handle and sometimes include a detachable shoulder strap, allowing us to carry them in multiple ways. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, from elegant satins for evening wear to sturdy leathers for daily use.

For those of us who are drawn to classic, structured silhouettes, the Frame bag is a sophisticated choice that adds a touch of nostalgia to our modern wardrobe.

Foldover Bag

Different Handbag Types-18

The Foldover bag is a versatile handbag that features a top part that can be folded over, effectively changing the bag’s size and appearance. This design allows us to adjust the capacity of our bag depending on our needs.

Foldover bags can be found in various styles, including clutches, totes, and crossbody bags, and are often crafted from soft, flexible materials that easily bend without losing shape. The foldover element adds an interesting visual detail while also providing functional adaptability.

For those of us who appreciate a handbag that can transition from a compact to a more spacious carrier, the Foldover bag is a perfect choice that offers flexibility and style.

Hat Box

Different Handbag Types

The Hat Box handbag is inspired by the traditional storage boxes used for hats. It is a round, hard-sided bag that can add a whimsical and vintage touch to our look. While not as commonly used for everyday wear, Hat Box handbags make for a unique and eye-catching accessory for special occasions.

These bags often come with a top handle and a secure closure, protecting our belongings and maintaining their distinctive shape. They can be crafted from a variety of materials, including leather and patterned fabrics, and sometimes feature decorative elements that pay homage to their millinery origins.

For those of us who love to stand out with an accessory that tells a story, the Hat Box handbag is a conversation starter that brings a delightful nod to the past.

Hobo Bag

Different Handbag Types

The Hobo bag is a large, crescent-shaped handbag that is typically made from soft, flexible materials, allowing it to slouch or drape when set down. This relaxed style is perfect for us when we need to carry numerous items while maintaining an effortless, bohemian vibe.

Hobo bags usually feature a single, wide strap that makes them comfortable to carry over the shoulder. They often have a zippered top closure to keep our belongings secure, and their spacious interiors may include pockets and compartments for organization.

Kelly Bag

Different Handbag Types

Named after the iconic Grace Kelly, the Kelly bag is the epitome of timeless elegance. It features a classic, structured silhouette with a single handle and a secure lock closure. Crafted from high-quality leather, the Kelly bag is both durable and sophisticated. It’s a staple for those who appreciate a refined accessory that exudes luxury and poise. This bag is perfect for formal events or as a statement piece for a polished professional look.

Kiondo Bag

Different Handbag Types-14

Originating from Kenya, the Kiondo bag is a testament to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. These handwoven bags are made from sisal fibers or recycled materials, boasting durability and eco-friendliness. The Kiondo bag’s unique texture and patterns make it an eye-catching addition to any ensemble. It’s perfect for those who value artisanal quality and wish to make a positive environmental statement with their fashion choices.

Knot Bag

Different Handbag Types-13

The knot bag is a charming and innovative accessory, unique for its single handle that slips through a loop to create a knot-like closure. It often comes in soft fabrics like cotton or silk, making it lightweight and perfect for a minimalistic, hassle-free outing. The knot bag is a conversation starter, blending traditional design with contemporary flair. Its simplicity and elegance are ideal for days when we want to carry just the essentials with a touch of sophistication.

Messenger Bag

Different Handbag Types-12

Originally designed for utility, the messenger bag has found its way into the fashion world as a stylish yet practical option. It features a long strap meant to be worn across the body, a fold-over flap, and multiple compartments for organization. Messenger bags are versatile, suitable for both casual and professional settings. They are the go-to choice for anyone looking for a hands-free, secure bag that can hold everything from laptops to daily essentials.


Different Handbag Types-11

The muff is a unique accessory that serves a dual purpose: it’s a hand warmer and a handbag. Traditionally made from fur or wool, the muff is cylindrical and features a concealed compartment to hold small items. It’s a winter favorite, adding a touch of vintage charm and coziness to cold-weather attire. While not as common in modern times, the muff remains a distinctive choice for those who appreciate a blend of functionality and nostalgia.


The pouch is a simple, versatile bag that comes in various sizes and forms. It can be used as a makeup bag, an organizer within a larger bag, or even as a clutch for casual outings. Pouches typically have a zippered closure and are made from materials ranging from canvas to leather. They are the perfect solution for keeping smaller items secure and easily accessible, making them an indispensable part of our handbag repertoire.


Different Handbag Types-10

The reticule, also known as a drawstring bag, is a historical handbag that has made a comeback in modern fashion. It features a gathered or pleated design with a drawstring closure, often resembling a small pouch. Reticules are elegant and feminine, suitable for formal occasions or adding a whimsical touch to everyday wear. They exemplify how vintage styles can be revitalized and adapted to contemporary trends.

Quilted Bag

Different Handbag Types-9

The quilted bag is recognizable by its textured, padded exterior, often featuring a diamond or chevron pattern. This design not only adds visual interest but also provides extra protection for the bag’s contents. Quilted bags range from small crossbody bags to larger totes, exuding elegance and sophistication. They are a favorite among those who adore classic, chic accessories that never go out of style.

Saddle Bag

Different Handbag Types-1

Inspired by the shape of traditional saddlebags used for horse riding, the modern saddle bag is a fashion-forward choice with a hint of equestrian flair. It typically features a curved bottom, a flap closure, and an adjustable strap. Saddle bags blend functionality with style, offering enough space for everyday items while maintaining a sleek profile. They are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any outfit.

Shopper Bag

Different Handbag Types-8

The shopper bag is designed for capacity and convenience, making it ideal for those days when we have a lot to carry. It’s usually an open-top bag with long handles, allowing for easy access and comfortable shoulder wear. Shopper bags come in a variety of materials, from sturdy canvas to luxurious leather, catering to different preferences and needs. They are the ultimate carryall for errands, travel, or a busy day at work.

Speedy Bag

Different Handbag Types-7

Made famous by Louis Vuitton, the speedy bag is a timeless handbag that combines practicality with high fashion. It features a rounded shape, zip closure, and two top handles. The speedy bag is designed for life on the go, spacious enough to hold essentials while maintaining a compact and stylish appearance. It’s a favorite among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate iconic designs that transcend seasonal trends.


Different Handbag Types-6

The satchel is a structured bag with a flat bottom, a top handle, and often a shoulder strap. It’s reminiscent of traditional school bags, but with a more sophisticated twist. Satchels provide ample space and organization, making them suitable for work, school, or daily use. They are a staple for those who prefer a smart, put-together look and need a reliable bag to carry their important belongings.

Tote Bag

Different Handbag Types-5

The tote bag is perhaps one of the most popular and practical types of handbags. Known for its simple, rectangular design and open top, the tote is an all-purpose bag that can accommodate a variety of items. Tote bags are often made from durable materials such as canvas, leather, or nylon, ensuring they can withstand everyday use. They are the go-to choice for shopping, beach trips, or as an everyday carryall.

Trapeze Bag

Different Handbag Types-4

A trapeze bag is characterized by its unique shape, which tapers from a wide base to a narrower top, resembling the silhouette of a trapeze. This style often includes expandable side panels, allowing for extra space when needed. The trapeze bag is a modern, chic option for those who enjoy innovative designs that offer both style and functionality. It’s a versatile piece that can elevate any outfit with its contemporary elegance.


Different Handbag Types-2

The wristlet is a compact, strap-equipped bag that’s designed to be worn around the wrist. It’s ideal for carrying essentials such as cash, cards, and a phone without the bulk of a larger bag. Wristlets are perfect for occasions when we need to be hands-free and minimalistic, like during a night out or while attending a festival. They offer convenience and style in a small package.


Different Handbag Types-3

While not strictly a bag, the wallet is an indispensable accessory that often accompanies our handbag choices. It’s designed to organize and secure our monetary essentials, such as cash, cards, and identification. Wallets come in various forms, from the classic bi-fold to more elaborate designs with multiple compartments and closures. They are a reflection of our personal style and the practical aspect of our daily lives.


Exploring the different types of handbags allows us to appreciate the diversity and creativity within the world of fashion accessories. Each type of handbag serves a purpose and offers a unique expression of personal style. Whether we prefer the timeless elegance of a Kelly bag, the casual ease of a hobo, or the modern allure of a trapeze bag, there’s a handbag out there for every occasion and every individual. By taking good care of our handbags, we ensure that they will continue to be our faithful companions for years to come.

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